Big Fish

The Big Fish Award is something our club members like to “compete” for. While it is not really a competition, we like to honor those big catches that made it to net and onto a camera (or phone). We encourage catch and release as a club, along with responsible harvesting of fish. The lake you fish is YOUR LAKE. Putting a few of the largest fish back each time you fish, promotes improved genetics. You LITERALLY, can make the lake better by protecting the “champs” when you fish – and put a few big ones back.

Please use the following form for Big Fish Award Entries:

Download Big Fish Award Form Here

Big Fish Contest Rules

The contest is in effect from December 1st to November 30th annually. 

To enter a fish for consideration in the contest, the following criteria must be met: 

1. A new contest entry form must be filed out for each entry 

2. Length, Girth (if known), and Weight must be entered.

3. A clear photograph must be submitted with the form that shows both the fish and if possible the member.  Catch and Release is encouraged. 

4. Entries may be received given to the Fishing Contest Chairman, Victor Mejias, at a Club meeting, or submitted through the club mailbox, P.O. 26, LaGrange, IL 60525, if at all possible within 30 days of the catch. Entries being submitted for current year consideration must be received by November 30 to be eligible for award consideration in the current year.

Any incomplete forms will NOT be eligible for contest consideration! 

There will be awards for two regions – Region A = All Illinois Waters;  Region B = Other 

Species eligible for contest winners: 

Chinook (King Salmon); Coho Salmon; Sauger; Steelhead (Rainbow trout); Brown Trout; Musky; Northern Pike; Walleye; Lake Trout; Catfish; Bass — Largemouth; Smallmouth, White, Stripers (Hybrid & Natural); Panfish: Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Rock Bass, and ET. Other – To be determined by the Chairman (Gobies – Quill Back Carp Suckers?? 

Plaques will be awarded for the largest species in each region.  Weight will be the tiebreaker.  If the length and weight are the same, joint awards will be presented.   If a member submits three or more winning entries there will be a single plaque listing each award won.  

The purpose of the Riverside Fishing Club Big Fish Contest is to provide recognition of outstanding fishing ability or just darn good luck!    The club wants this to be a fun, educational, and entertaining way to both recognize the fishing talent in the club and to educate those hoping to be as successful. 

Go Fishing and take a young person with you!