June Speaker Dan Carney

Dan Carney Life Member – Hook Line & Sinker – Tips That Catch

Join us Thursday, June 13th for Hook Line & Sinker – fishing tips and rigs for many fishing situations around the world. Dan Carney shares tips, tricks and rigs that catch fish around the world.

” My Mom told me my first word was fish.  I don’t ever remember not fishing.  For me fishing started on a small farm pond catching bluegills and bullheads.  I have since had the privilege of fishing from Alaska to Costa Rica and many waters in between.  Each type of fishing or location requires a different approach, different methods and presentations.  I will be sharing some of my knowledge by going back to the not so basic, basics of fishing with hooks, lines and sinkers.  Free lining, drop shot, jigs, aberdeen, circle hooks,  mono, braid, fluorocarbon, bullet weights, bank sinkers and more. Learn how all these come together as systems to catch more fish. Hope to see you at the June meeting.” Dan Carney

Note – It was incorrectly communicated that Pat Harrison was our June Speaker – this was published in Midwest Outdoors – we are very sorry for this mistake on the part of our communications director.