Join Us for Virtual RFC Meetings

If you haven’t already joined one of our virtual RFC Fishing Club meetings, you should try. You do not need very special equipment at all. The simplest way you could join is that you can use a regular phone to call into the meeting. You may miss some visuals, but you will learn fishing tips, tricks and tactics from our speakers. Get in touch with Tony Novak – he can get you the call-in number.

For anyone with a computer, you can use a tablet or smart phone to view the meeting via ZOOM. You will need the app which you can download and install – it is a free download and free to use. This is pretty convenient as you can jump into our meeting from home or work. You can even watch it on a phone away from home.

Using the streaming meeting has been helpful for some of our members who have had illness or surgery. This has allowed more to participate when they could not have in the past. Helpful for someone immune-suppressed who shouldn’t be around others with a cold or flu.

Our club will possibly try to provide this moving forward, should meetings begin to allow some to opt to stay at home, but participate.

We would love to have you join us at our next meeting. If you receive club emails, a link is sent to you. You simply click on the link. It launches a browser and you follow the instructions.


Once you are in and see the video there are a couple rules to follow.

  • When Not Speaking, there is a mute button. It is best to have your sound muted if you have a dog, loud family. If someone is watching tv or has the radio on nearby – you need to mute for our group. It is distracting if loud sounds are being broadcast over the meeting’s speaker.
  • There is also a video button (you can choose to close video or not share). Helpful if eating or if you prefer privacy.
  • You can change the screen mode- there is a speaker mode where the presenter is the largest (or the person speaking). You can find this at top right shown as a series of boxes.

We hope you join us. Meetings have been growing. While this isn’t as good as in in-person meeting, it is what we have. Your board of directors and some members volunteering like Jack, have provided you a streaming meeting and kept our club going strong. Thank you to all that have helped. Do grab a friend and join us on the streaming broadcast of our fishing club meeting. If you are interested in joining our fishing club, please drop us a message or call Tony Novak. Get in the stream!